Incredible Westward Movement Incredible Westward Movement Wagon Family Delivery girl (Caley) gets in the family photo 128405589 Delivery Girl (Sierra) ready for her cue 128405604 grandma (Charlene) Loaded up on the prairie schooner 128405592 Man (Jesse) 128405595 Discoverer (Seb) tells Sacajawea "I don't think Lewis & Clark know what they're doing..." 128405603 Sacajawea (Asha) and Corp of Discovery Corp begs Sacajawea to help them find the passage 128405588 Delivery girl (Christina) hatching a bowling ball 128405591 sodbusters Katherine, Julia and Molly wait for their cue 128405600 Delivry Girl (Callista) watching for Davey Crockett 128405593 Brown family arriving in Ohio 128405594 Rebecca Carter (Yvonne) meets Browns joking about building a jail 128405602 Carter Child (Sydney) sincere 128405605 Cherokee soloists Zoe, Sierra, Yvonne 128405606 Zoe Trail of Tears (Cherokees) 128405587 Davey Crockett (Charlie) Ponders his political career 128412414 Cherokee (Regina) Models her costume 128412415 Prairie Child (Katherine) Looks across the horizon 128424440 Delivery Girl (Caley) and secretary (Charlene) Listening in -"hush-hush" 128424442