Don't Iron While the Strike is Hot! Don't Iron While the Strike is Hot! 184463332 Collar laundry workers Laura, Juliet and Becca wash and rinse and wash and boil, rub and rinse and blue... 187408629 English sewing girls Sophie, Katherine and Alexandra stich 187408630 paperboys Will and Jon waiting for their cue 187408970 Picnic audience Zoe applauds the rousing speeches 187408971 collar laundry workers Sophie, Lydia, Sydney and Mary 187408972 Mary's song Caley sings about her father's death and the difficult road ahead 187408973 Susan B Anthony Annabelle tells about her friendship with Kate Mullany 187408974 Laundry workers take 5 Buddies Juliet, Laura and Becca 187408975 Off duty Becca, Alexandra and Rebecca 187408976 Laundry workers Lydia and Sydney 187408977