Steps to Suffrage Steps to Suffrage Steps to Suffrage at Ulster BOCES (L-R) Paul Capuano, Sylvie Lightfoot, Sara Pierce, Priscilla Capuano, Rachel Brach, Charlene VanLeuven, Joanna Brach) 80135210 Steps to Suffrage at Ulster BOCES Seated: Joanna Brach, Priscilla Capuano, Sara Pierce, Middle: Charlene VanLeuven, Danielle VanLeuven Standing: Sylvie Lightfoot, Paul Capuano, Rachel Brach, Amy Robison, Yvonne VanLeuven 79986662 "Steps" Rehearsal Amy Robison becomes creative with sticky paper! 81228973 "Steps" Rehearsal Rachel Brach makes a banner 81229006 "Steps" Rehearsal Playful Danielle, Katy, Amy and Yvonne 81229232 "Steps" Rehearsal Paul Lawry feels his lines! 85449060 New T-Shirts! Full cast models new T-shirts during Steps rehearsal 86134671 Stage Manager Pati Robison and Assistant Director Anne Niegsch Out from behind-the-scenes for a change! Amazing women! 86134858 Steps Dress Rehearsal 7/07/10 Factory workers Priscilla Capuano, GRace Lawry, Amy Robison and Danielle VanLeuven like their sewing machines! 89914859 Steps dress rehearsal 7/07/10 Sewing factory workers Priscilla Capuano, Danielle VanLeuven, Grace Lawry and Amy Robison wish for more rights 89914858 101679630 101679631 101463758 101675256 Steps rehearsal 7/07/10 Lucretia Mott (Rachel Brach) shares some wisdom with Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Yvonne VanLeuven). 89915709 101463757 Boght Arts Center Perfo4rmance July 2010 Sissy Woodward (VCharlene VanLeuven) and Charlotte Woodward (Kate Lawry) beg their father to go to the Women's convention in Seneca Falls 101463755 Steps rehearsal 7/07/10 Amelia Bloomer (Amy Robison) shows off her shocking new bloomer fashion to Sissy Woodward (Charlene VanLeuven) and Charlotte Woodward (Kate Lawry) 89915708 101679735 101679629 101463756 101679633 101675254 101463760 101675255 101679734 101675257 101675258 101679632