Educational Youth Theater


Western NY 2016 Fall  PRODUCTION

"Wicket Ways"

Wicket Ways” is an educational musical drama set on a Genesee Valley croquet court (Glen Iris Inn) in 1985. Based on historical facts with a generous does of humor, “Wicket Ways” establishes a playing field all but level, where personalities and ideologies emerge and clash on  temperance, suffrage, finance, charity, conservation, industry, education and matrimony. The cast includes notables Susan B. Anthony, William P. Letchworth, Clara Barton, George Eastman and his mother, Colonel John Rorbach, Ellen North (Genesee Jam Kitchen), the American Croquet Company President Col. John Rorbach and Craig Wadsworth as they fight, flirt, chat and cheat their way over the pitch!

        Casting adults, one boy (8-12) and  one young lady (15-19) soon for Fall 2016 productions in Rochester and Geneseo, NY.


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Look here for audition postings, call-backs and casting.

Rehearsals M, T, W 6-9pm at Troy YWCA 1st St begin March 10