Educational Youth Theater



I'm glad that we were able to host DRAMAcademics Nellie Bly performance. The play was wonderful; the students enjoyed it and so did we. I was impressed with your students' acting and singing - and with your brilliant quiz strategy to keep the audience engaged! 

Hope we'll see you again. We wish you the best with your next play.

Lisa Brown, Doane Stuart

Paul's work with Dramacademics certainly helps him in situations like these! Proctors theater was fairly full, so it was a big audience and easy to get a serious case of stage fright. Paul had to sit in the front row the entire time; the spelling bee lasted 4 1/2 hours. He remained very calm throughout!

We appreciate every aspect of your productions, music/art/history/etc., but my husband and I often discuss the value of the public speaking and performing before big audiences. It is such a great skill for our kids to develop! Thank you!

Renee Capuano, parent of 4th place finisher in Capital Region Spelling Bee 2011


The Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center has had the opportunity to collaborate with Ruth Henry to host and present her productions and I have seen the result of her work with student participants. The incorporation of music, humor, stage, dance and drama create a dynamic and participatory opportunity for learning. Students relate to and retain information presented in a 3-dimensional setting that keeps them engaged throughout the show!

Kathy Quandt, AHAVC Director of Operations


 I so enjoyed seeing what all the students have been working all semester. What a wonderful production. Again, what a fete to write the play and the songs and direct the show. I'm really happy to have joined your program.



As I looked back on the events of the year, I thought of “Sail, Henry Hudson!”  and how wonderful it was to host your troupe here at the library this past October.We received many positive comments from our patrons, who thoroughly enjoyed the production.  As you recall, I added several rows of extra seating to accommodate the crowd!  Even our youngest patrons were enthralled. 


I was impressed that the students were enthusiastic and gave such a professional performance.  Also, the music, script, backdrops, and costumes were so clever and creative.  I know I learned quite a few new things about Henry Hudson and his crew!  

Thank you for collaborating with us to bring DRAMAcademics to our library at a price we could afford.  It was well worth it!

Ann-Marie Cicchinelli, William K. Sanford Library Children's Program Director


Thank you again for giving the girls a fun and non-pressure environment to learn the love of acting!

Paula VanLeuven


Daniel and Sara really loved doing the plays.  It will be a great memory for them for the rest of their lives.  We have many kids that belong to our co-op that do the plays and all the moms rave about you.

Susan Pierce


I want to thank you for all the love, warmth and Christian bearing you have shown and diplayed toward my daughter during the time she has studied under you. Programs/ ministries like yours are vital to the homeschooling community. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. You are teaching minds and  touching hearts.

Stina Krewson


My children will always fondly remember their drama experiences with your troop. I thank you immensely for providing such a necessary artistic outlet to homeschooled children. You are providing a great social experience as well. I hope you will keep at it for years to come!

Te Renken Family